Can “Miracle” Bacteria Solve Weight Loss Problems?

Ever stop to wonder whether weight loss can truly be achieved without having to compromise on favorite foods? 

A 43-year-old mother and ordinary woman Chrissie Miller took us all by surprise when she stated that society has been instilling negativity regarding one’s relationship with food.

She reasons that making changes to one’s diet and/or exercise routine will not be as effective when the root cause of weight gain is undealt with.

As someone who has experienced weight gain on numerous instances throughout her life, Chrissie decided to do her due diligence, which led her to mountains of research on effective ways to lose weight.

One thing led to the next, and eventually, she developed a new approach to weight loss in the form of a supplement called BioFit.

BioFit is advertised as a breakthrough formula that can trigger weight loss while balancing other bodily functions.

It involves the use of bacteria, which, as glorified by Chrissie, represents “the next generation of fat-burning science.” Combining seven miracle microbes delivered in capsule form, this supplement is trusted to be as safe as it can get.

Now that we know the BioFit formula’s foundation (i.e., bacteria), consumers need to understand its mechanism and its connection with the body.

Now, for the very first time, Chrissie Miller has created a short video where she explains all about her journey, including how people can naturally strengthen their bacteria, right from home.

“Good health is one of life’s toughest obstacles,” she explains. “So, if this video can help people achieve that, I’ll be thrilled to hear I was of help.”

The video has since gone viral, first being shared by users on Facebook, then being featured on news sites like Daily Mail and The Sun.

So far, the comments and feedback have been outstanding, with thousands of American people feeling better than they have in decades. In the space of a few hours, this video received thousands of visits and is now considered viral. 

One spectator commented, “If it works, that’s exactly what I’ve been praying for. I have never seen anything like this solution before … the truth about my diet was shocking and revealing. ”

Of course, Chrissie’s announcement was met with some hesitation. We spoke to some of the doctors who attended the conference, who advised people to keep their expectations realistic.

“It makes a lot of sense, and the science behind it is solid,” said a nutrition expert. “But try it first. It helps a lot of people, but you rarely find something that works for everyone.”

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